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Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Distributor of Toronto Canada

 The world's largest grower and distributor of Aloe Vera and Bee products

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The beginning of forever was based on an idea of and a dream of providing an avenue for people to set themselves financially free. From this monumental idea was conceived the ideal marketing plan. Then the search began for a unique product, which would benefit people.

When we were first introduced to stabilized Aloe Vera, we knew at once that this was the ultimate product to improve the life-style of the world. All these important ingredients gelled together on May 13, 1978, when the first Forever Living Products meeting was held in Phoenix, Arizona. Although there were only a handful of people in attendance, goals were clearly in focus, growth was immediate and success was inevitable.

We quickly realized that only a limited supply of Aloe Vera existed in the country. Therefore, to assure the company and its distributors a plentiful supply, we acquired our own Aloe Vera plantations. In addition to providing us with all the products we needed, this also gave us the ability to control the cultivation and quality of Forever Living Products' Aloe.

Another significant step was taken on May 1,1981, when we acquired the assets of Aloe Vera of America and two essential patents for the stabilization of Aloe Vera. The patented process allows for packaging of Aloe Vera skin care and health products loss of efficacy.

The company's evolution continued. We purchased our own multi-million dollar production facility and a fleet of semi-trucks and trailers, all to serve the needs of our thousands upon thousands of distributors worldwide. In addition, during April 1983 we moved into new headquarters, spacious enough to consolidate all home office operations.

A very important part of our growth was the establishment of an extensive research and development team to ensure the finest quality products as well as develop innovative product lines.

The efforts of the research and development team have also led to a dramatic discovery: Vitamin B12 essential for good health has been found to occur naturally in Aloe Vera. To our knowledge, Aloe Vera is the only plant in the world that naturally contains this vitamin.

Forever Living is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera in the world: 2,500 acres of Aloe Vera in production and 3,000 acres underdevelopment in the United States, Mexico, Philippines and the Caribbean. By owning our own plantation control the high standards of an organic growing environment, free from chemical fertilizers pesticides. Our strict quality control guarantees you will always have the highest quality, pure Aloe Vera products anywhere in the world.

Forever Living also operates the world's largest bee products factory located in the high desert of Arizona, covering 25,000 square feet of land; the factory provides the purest and most potent bee products available. The continued efforts of our research & development team enable us to obtain a number of patents; for instance, the pollen collector, propolis collector and poisonous fluid collector, which help to enhance the development of bee products business.

From the beginning, our Forever Living dreams have turned into big achievements. Together, we will continue to dream, to achieve, to succeed, and to set ourselves financially free.

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